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Martha Ballard's Diary Online
About Martha Ballard's Diary

About the Online Diary

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Stories and Themes from the Diary
Premarital Pregnancy
The Purrinton Murders
Scarlet Fever Epidemic
Martha and Money
Courtship and Marriage
Textile Production

Magic Lens (requires Java)
About the Magic Lens
Try Transcribing
Decoding the Diary
The Book: A Midwife's Tale
Table of Contents
Chapter 3
Chapter 5
Appendix of Medicinal Ingredients

About the Author, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Original Proposal (1981)
Bancroft Prize Acceptance Speech (1991)
Interview with the Author (1994)
The Film: A Midwife's Tale

The Process of Making a Historical Film

Scenes from the film (QuickTime)
Martha and the Young Doctor (1:41)
Rape of Rebecca Foster (5:00)
Waking Up (3:10)
Martha's Death (1:40)
The Parade (2:26)
Your Interests

Martha Ballard
How to Use Primary Sources
Midwifery and Herbal Medicine
Teaching with this Web Site
Films About the Past

Who was Martha Ballard?
Maps and Pictures of Martha Ballard's World
Hallowell 1794 (map)
North America 1795 (map)
Maine 1799 (map)
Augusta 1823 (picture)
Hallowell 1878 (picture)

Martha Ballard Timeline
Pre-Martha (1600-1734)
Early Years (1735-1784)
Diary Years (1785-1812)
Post-Martha (1813-1999)

A Walking Tour of Hallowell, Maine
Doing History
Martha Ballard and a Man-Midwife
The Man-Midwife Controversy
Martha and a Man-Midwife
Dr. Ben Page, a Man-Midwife
The Bigger Picture

One Rape. Two Stories.
The Official Story
Martha Ballard's Story
Primary sources and other documents arranged:
by Document Type
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On Your Own
History Toolkit
Stages of a Historical Research Project
Using Primary Sources
How to Read 18th-Century Writing
What to do with a Diary You've Found
Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History
How to Read Probate Records
How to Search Deeds
How to Read a Graveyard
How to Make a Timeline
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