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  Magic Lens

Note: This page uses a java applet which will take upwards of 30 seconds to load (depending on your connection speed). Until it is fully loaded you will not see the diary page with lens below. Also, rotating the image to a new position will also take some time, and the only indication you may see that something is happening while it loads is a "loading images" message in the status bar. Please report any browser crashes (please be sure it isn't just still loading; some browsers will be unresponsive while a java applet loads) to

Using the Lens: Move the lens around the image to see the "magic" transcription of the handwritten diary page. You can change the size of the lens box by clicking on an edge and dragging it. This lens is designed to help you practice reading Martha's handwriting, the first step of dealing with any historical document. Historians wish transcription was always this easy!

See also: Try Transcribing, and Decoding the Diary, the second and third steps of dealing with a historical document.


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