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Optimizing Your Experience:

text iconImages:
Document pages default to their image, rather than transcription, version. For faster downloading, browse documents as text by clicking the text icon (see example at right).
AOL users:
By default, AOL browsers use an image compression format that speeds up downloads but diminishes quality. To view images on the DoHistory site at their best quality, AOL users should turn off AOL's added image compression. Try the following procedure, or contact AOL technical assistance:
  2. Under the GENERAL tab, delete the "temporary internet files"
  3. Under the WEB GRAPHICS tab, deselect USE COMPRESSED IMAGES
  4. Quit and restart AOL



Magic Lens does not load
This Java applet can take up to several minutes to load, depending on your internet connection. Make sure that Java is enabled, and try waiting a little while. If you are using a browser of version 3.0 or later and either the lens still does not appear or you receive an error message, please notify (be sure to include your browser type, version number, and platform: PC or Mac or other).
pull-down menu doesn't work
Make sure that you are using a browser version 3.0 or later, and that JavaScript is enabled.


Plugin: Where you will need it at DoHistory:

Shockwave Viewer
Martha and a Man-Midwife

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Martha Ballard Walking Tour of Hallowell

Quicktime Viewer
Making a Historical Film

email to report technical problems (be sure to include your browser type, version number, and platform: PC or Mac or other).

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