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  Map of the Parishes of Hallowell / Ephraim Ballard 1794

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Ephraim Ballard was one of the principal surveyors for the Kennebec Proprietors, also known as the Plymouth Company. The Proprietors, who owned more than 600,000 acres of land along the Kennebec River, played a key role in founding the towns of Pownalboro, Gardinerstown, Hallowell, Winthrop, Vassalboro, and Winslow.

This map shows the few county roads and three church parishes of early Hallowell. In 1797, the North and Middle Parishes would split off and become the town of Augusta, partly because residents disagreed over where to bridge the Kennebec: at the Hook in the South Parish, or farther north at Fort Western. The bridge was built at Fort Western in 1797, a few months after the split.

Mr. Ballard drew this map on the same kind of paper that Martha Ballard cut and folded to make her diary.

Hallowell Map (clickable Image Map)

Maps and Plans (SC1, 150)
Plan of Hallowell, ME
1794 Series, Vol. 13 p. 20
Judicial Archives
Suffolk Files Collection
Moore v. the First Precinct of Rochester, MA

Courtesy of Massachusetts Archives
Massachusetts Archives at Columbia Point
220 Morrisey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125


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