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>the Controversy< Martha and a Man-Midwife Who Was Dr. Ben Page? Summing Up
Smellie Treatise
Smellie Collection
Samuel Gregory , Man-Midwifery Exposed and Corrected
The man-midwifery controversy continued throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth. In the American press, Samuel Gregory argued with some of the authors from the past and added his own thoughts, which echoed ideas already more than 100 years old.Quote from page 48



Questions to ask these pages:

1. What was Gregory's main argument against man-midwifery?

2. According to Gregory, what was the effect of "constant familiarity"?

Questions to ask the book:

1. What did Nihell say motivated most man-midwives?
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2. According to Nihell, why did people use male rather than female midwives?
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