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A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery (Volume One)
Smellie, William
Published by Printed for D. Wilson and T. Durham, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page xiii


  C O N T E N T S. xiii
NUMB. I. 389
NUMB. II. 390
NUMB. III. 392
SECT. II. Of air, diet, sleeping, and watching, motion and rest, retention and excretion, and the passions of the mind 395
SECT III. Of violent floodings 402
SECT. IV. Of the after-pains 406
SECT. V. Of the Lochia 408
SECT. VI. Of the milk fever 411
SECT. VII. Of the Prolapsus Vaginæ, Recti et Uteri 421
SECT. VIII. Of the evacuations necessary at the end of the month after delivery 426

C H A P.  II.

Of the management of new-born children, with the diseases to which they are subject 427
SECT. I. Of washing and dressing the child ibid.
SECT. II. How to manage when any of the common passages are locked up, or the tongue tied 432
SECT. III. Of mould-shot heads, contusions, and excoriations 436
SECT. IV. Of the Aptha 441
SECT. V. Of teething 444

C H A P.  III.

Of the requisite qualifications of accoucheurs,  
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