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A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery (Volume One)
Smellie, William
Published by Printed for D. Wilson and T. Durham, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page xi


  C O N T E N T S. xi
  C H A P  III.  
Of laborious labours 240
SECT. I. How laborious labours are occasioned ibid.
SECT. II. Of the fillets and forceps 247
SECT. III. General rules for using the forceps 261
SECT. IV. The different ways of using the forceps 265
NUMB. I. When the head is down to the Os externum ibid.
NUMB. II. When higher in the Pelvis 270
NUMB. III. When the forehead is to the Os pubis 273
NUMB. IV. When it presents fair at the brim of the Pelvis 275
NUMB. V. When the face presents 278
SECT. V. When and how to use the crotchet 290
NUMB. I. ibid.
NUMB. II. 293
SECT. VI. The old method of extracting the head 294
SECT. VII. The method of extracting with the crotchet 296
NUMB. I. Of the woman's posture 297
NUMB. II. 298
NUMB. III. 300
NUMB. IV. ibid.
  C H A P  IV.  
Of præternatural labours 306
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