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Martha Ballard's diary shows us Benjamin Page at work in ways that the other documents do not. The entries mentioning Benjamin Page show him to be a new breed when compared to entries about other doctors and coupled with other documents. Benjamin Page is interested in becoming a full-time doctor with an obstetrical practice.



Questions to ask these entries:

1. How do Dr. Page and Dr. Coleman appear to be different?

2. In what kinds of cases are doctors called?

Questions to ask Martha's entire diary:

1. What appears to be Martha Ballard's relationship to Dr. Page (and other doctors in Hallowell) overall? Search for the word "doctor" in Martha's diary.

April 21, 1785 (Thursday)
21 5


Clear & Cool for April. I was unwell, had taken Cold which Causd a pain in my Neck and Sholder. Colo Howard, mr Brooks & Doct Colman here. Enformd of ye Death of Leutt Howard who Departed this Life yesterday  

May 5, 1785 (Thursday)
5 5


Clear. I went to Doctr Coneys By water with Cyrus. paid ye Doctrs Bill for my Sickness Last Decembr which was 9:6. On our return were obliged to Call mr Mc masters ascistance to get by ye rock. I Calld at mr westons; found her very ill. tard all night  

December 13, 1785 (Tuesday)
13 3


I was Calld to See Doct Colman. I watchd  

December 14, 1785 (Wednesday)
14 4


I Came from ye fort about noone. Left Doct Colman Exceeding Low indeed  

June 11, 1786 (Sunday)
11 A


A Clear morn. mr Brown went in hast after Doct Colman for his Eldist Son being sick. I went from home at 12 O Clok to See him, find him very ill. Returnd home at Sun Set, found Sherebiah, Betsy & Polly Town and James Stacpool here. I was informd that mr Hathaway who was Drowned Last week was taken up & is to be interd this day. Ephm Cowin Came here ys Evinng to work for mr Ballard one month  

December 5, 1787 (Wednesday)
5 4


Cloudy. I went to See Savages Infant, Doct Colman was Calld to see it also. I was at the Docters. returnd at Dusk. some Boys on our mill pond, Gash North fell in, was helpt out again Safe from harm  

September 21, 1792 (Friday)
21 6


Clear. I have been at home, Cast 23 Candles. mr Ballard been to Pittstn. mrs White here, informs me mr Andrus is very poorly. mr Ballard met mr Davis going for Doct Parker to Come & See him. Doct Page attends him at home.

November 17, 1793 (Sunday)
17 F

X. Birth mr Poores Dagt. XX.

rainy. I was Calld from mr Parkers at 2h morn to mr Poores. Doct Page was Calld before my arival. I Extracted the Child, a Dagt. he Chose to Close the Loin. I returnd home at 8 am, receivd 6/ as a reward. mr Ballard & Ephm attend worship, Dolly & Sally aftern. Charls & John Coks Supt here. I was Calld to Capt meloys at 11h Evn. raind at Ditoes & mr Poores. Birth 47th. A Daughtr at Capt Meloys allso.

September 6, 1794 (Saturday)
6 7

Birth Doct Colmans Son.

Clear, a North wind. I was Calld to See the wife of Doct Colman who was in Labour at 1h 1/2 ys morn. Shee was Safe Deld of a fine Son at 11h 10m foren. I left her as well as Could be Expected & returnd home at 3h 30m aftern. I wrode to mr Robbins, find his Lady more Comfortable. I was at Capt Fillebrowns, all well at Doct Colmans. Birth 34th. at mr Robbinss & Capt Fillebrowns. Bot 4 oz Snuff @ 9d.

February 14, 1795 (Saturday)
14 7

X. Birth David Pollards 2nd Son. XX.

Clear. I was at home till Evn, 9 O Clock, when I was Calld to See David Pollards wife who was Dild of a fine Son at 10. I tarried all night. mr Stodard is very Sick at that house, Dilarious. Doct Page there to visit him, he was Calld in ye night at mr Pollards. Birth 9th. David Pollards wife is 27 years old this day. receivd 6/7 Novr 20 of Old Lady Pollard.

July 10, 1796 (Sunday)
10 B


Clear. mr Ballard, my Self and Cyrus attended public worship. I Came to Son Lambarts at noon. we Supt there after meeting. Shee wrode home with me and Cyrus went home with her. Sally Cocks went to See mrs Kimbal, Shee was Deld of a Dead dagt on the morn of ye 9th inst. the operation performd by Ben Page. the infants Limbs were much dislocated, as I am informd at Son Lambarts and at meeting.

June 10, 1797 (Saturday)
10 7


Clear and warm. mr Ballard and Hoiet went to the Bolton place to work. I had Done my morning work and at 8h went to Cut Clover for my Swine when I, by Some means, misplased a Bone in the great toe of my right Foot. I soon became So lamb I Could not walk. at that Critical moment, Son Lambart Came in. he assisted me to get to my Bed where I remaind till he Calld Doct Page to my assistance, who rectified the misplaced bone and I was able to walk into the other room. I paid the Doct 3/ and went about my work. have wound 16 Skeins of Cottne yn on quills. mr Ballard informs me that Son Jona is very ill with a Soar on his face at home. I put a Bone [out] in my foot. Sent for Doct Page who Sett it and I Could walk.

June 14, 1798 (Thursday)
14 5

X. Birth Lewis Hamlins Dagt & first Child. X.

Clear. I was Calld at 5h 30m to See the wife of Lewis Hamlin who was in Labour. She was Safe Deld at 4h 20m pm of a Dagt, which wd 8 lb 2/1. I left her and infant as well as Could be Expected, at Sun Sett, and returnd home. found Polly Dingley and Polly Livermore here. mrs Dickmans Sister at George town interd this day. the wife of James Bridg was Deld this morn at 1h of a Son, it was Born dead and is to be interd ys Evn. Doct Page was Operator, poor unfortunate man in the practice. Capt Zimry Haywood Departed this life as he was walking from his Barn to his house, instantly by an Apoplecktic fit. may it teach us the uncertainty of Deaths aproach and inable to be allways ready. may God Sanctify the Dealings of his providence to us all, but more Especially to the Connections of the Decesed at Lewis Hamlins. Birth 15th. recd 12/ July 5th '99. Birth James Bridges Son, it was Born Dead. their first Born and intered this Evng. Capt Zimry Haywood Expired this Evng.

July 5, 1798 (Thursday)
5 5


Clear morn. my Dagt Seems a little Easier than Shee was Last night. I was Calld at 9h this morn to See mrss Lowell who was in Labour. Shee had been attended by Doct Page last night; he was Calld home at Sunrise to his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Deld at 11h foren of a Son. the Doct was Calld to my Patient and I returnd home at 4h pm. I receivd 9/ of mr Lowell. my Dagt Town has had a better day this day. Shee had but little feaver. mr Gill & Lambd took Tea with us at mr Lowells at Hallowell. find mrss Gill and Dagt Lambt & her Childn here. Birth Doct Pages Son.

July 15, 1798 (Sunday)
15 G

X. Birth Ansel Neys 2nd Son. XX.

Clear. I Did not feel very well this morn. mr Ballard, Cyrus & Watson went to meeting. Dagt Pollard wen Came here to See her Sister. Nabby went up to See her marm aftern. I was Calld to Ansel Neys, walkt as far as Saml Norcross, found the Patient in the hands of Doct Page. he gave the Case up to me and Shee was (after I removd obstructions) Safe Deld at 4h pm of a fine son. I left mother & Child Cleverly and walkt home, arivd at 8h Evn. I receivd 9/ as a reward. Doct Cony, mrss Haywood, Straten, Toby and Dagt Lambd & mrs Pitts here while I was absent. Dagt Lambard Sleeps with mrss Town ys night at Ansel Neys. Birth 19th. recd 9/4_as a reward. my Dagt Town is [ ] as Comfortable as Shee has been for Some Days Past.

July 9, 1799 (Tuesday)
9 3

X. Birth Capt Abm Pages Son. XX.

Clear and very Pleasant. I was Calld at 6h m by Capt Abm Page to go and See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld at 10h 40m of a fine Son which wd 12lb _. I left her and infant at 1h pm Cleverly. recd 9/. mrs Page has not had a Child for 11 years past till now. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas. I went Down to Hallowell after 4 O Clok and Bot at Pages Store 8 yds Black Lubstring @ 9/6 pr yd, 12 Dol & 4/; 1_ yds Lining & 1 Skein Silk, 1 Dolr; 1_ yds ribbond @ /10d 1:3; at Doct Pages, 1 oz Spermaseta /9 at Capt Abm Pages. Birth 26th. recd9/. I went to Hallowell aftern.

July 27, 1799 (Saturday)
27 7

X. Birth mr Gows Dagt and 4th Child. XX.

rainy. I was Calld at 1h 35m morn to go and See mrss Gow who was in Labour. I walkt in the rain and reacht mr Gows at 1h 50m, found the Patient Deld of a Dagt by the help of mrss Tucker and a little more Done by Doct Page. I got her into Bed and dresst the infant, and tarried and attended them till 7 then returnd home. found my famely at Breakfast. I receivd 6/ of mr Gow. Samuel Trask Came here for me to go and See Dagt Lambd. I went and Came home at Evng at mr Gows. Birth 30th. recd 6/.

January 26, 1801 (Monday)
26 2


Clear. Betsy washt the N room and her Bedroom. Son Jona Came in and invited me to go to his house. I went, had not been long there before Davis & Doct Colman & Page Came to administer a Dose of Callomel. I returnd home Soon at home my Sons.

February 4, 1801 (Wednesday)
4 4

XX. Birth S. Juet Fosters 2nd Son. XX.

Clear. I was Calld to my sons to see the Desection of the Son of Esqr Davis which was performd very Closly. the left lobe of ye lighls were found to be much inflamed, the intestines, allso, in which were 4 interscections, an inftamation of the kidneys and Blather. there were not a singte worm Contained in ye boddy but a small quantity of what the operators Supposed to be the bed in which they had resided. the gaull blather was larg and very full. the opperation was performd by Docts Colman and Page. Judg North, Son Jon a & my Self were attendants. I was Calld from there to see the wife of S. J. Foster who was in Labour and was Safe Deld at 7h Evn of her Second Son & 5th Child. I tarried all night, the patient as well as Could be Expected at my sons. a Desection Performd on ye boddy of John Davis junr. at S. J. Fosters. Birth 3d. July 13th receivd as a reward 10/10.

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