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Scarlet Fever Epidemic
Exceeding Dangerously ill

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August 17, 1787, Friday

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17 6


X Birth. Jerimy Richards Dafter. X.

at mr Richards. his wife Dilivrd of a Dtr at 10 O Clok morn. returnd as far as mr Pollards at 12, walkd from there. mrs Coy buryd a Dafter yesterday. mr Stanley has a Dafter Dangerous, Willm Wicher 2 Children also.  


August 18, 1787, Saturday

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18 7



I spun Some Shoe thread & went to see mrs Williams, Shee has news her Mother is very Sick. Jeny Huston had a Child Born the night before Last. I was Calld by James Hinkly to See his wife at 11 & 30 Evnn went as far as mr Westons by land, from thence by water. find mrs Hinkly very unwell.  


August 19, 1787, Sunday

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19 G



At mr Hinkleys. Shee remaind poorly till afternn, then by remedys & other means, Shee got Esyer. I tarried all night.  


August 20, 1787, Monday

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20 2



Clear. mr Hinkly brot me to mr Westons. I heard there that mrs Claton Childs Departed This life yesterdy & yt Shee was thot Expireing. I went back with mr Hinkly as far as there. Shee Departed ys Life about 1 PM. I ascisted to Lay her out, her infant Laid in her arms. ye first such instance I ever saw & ye first woman that died in Child bed which I Deliverd. I Came home at Dusk, find my famely all Comfortable. we hear that three Children Expird in Winthrop last Saterday night. Daniel Stayd at mr Cowens.  


August 22, 1787, Wednesday

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22 4



I atended funeral of mrs Claton & her infant. am Enformed that mrs Shaw has Doct Coney with her. I Calld to see James Howd, find him low. mrs North also is Sick. a thunder Shower ys Evinng.  


August 23, 1787, Thursday

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23 5


Birth. mr Shaws Dafter. X.

I Sett out to visit Joseph Fosters Children, met Ephm Cowen by Brookss Barn. Calld me to See his Dafters Polly & Nabby who are Sick with the rash, find them very ill; gave directions. was then Calld to mrs Shaw who has been ill some time. Put her Safe to Bed with a Daughter at 10 O Clok ys Evinng. Shee is finely.  


August 24, 1787, Friday

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24 6


Birth. James Hinkleys Son. X.

Calld from Shaws to James Hinklys wife in travil, put her safe to Bed with a Son at 7 O Clok ys morn. Left her as well as is usual for her. Came to mr Shaws, receivd 6/8; received 6/8 of mr Hinkly also. Came to mr Cowens, find his dafters & Jedy ill. Claton & David Came inn from Sandy river, People well there. arivd at home at 5 aftrnn. Doct Coneys wife Delivrd of a Dafter Last Evng at 10 O Clok.  


August 25, 1787, Saturday

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25 7



I went to Isaac Savages ys morn, his wife here afternn, Deby Shaw allso. I was Calld to mr Cowens. Set up all night. our men at ye meddow.  


August 26, 1787, Sunday

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26 G



I was Calld to Joseph Fosters from mr Cowens to See Aaron, find him unwell. returnd to mr Cowens, tarried till near night. Left them poorly. Doct Coney been there & to Fosters also.  


August 27, 1787, Monday

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27 2



Clear. I did hous work & went to See mrs Ellis. Shee is very unwell. Came home at Dush, find mr Williams & wife & Nathan Howard here. mr Ballard at Capt Belchirs. his Lady sent me 1 Dos of pigions.  
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