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Courtship and Marriage
Our young people are there to a Daunce

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October 7, 1794, Tuesday

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Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard to a Church meeting. mr Densmore had a quilting & hushing. my young folks there, Came home late. at home. my Girls at mr Densmores.


December 23, 1794, Tuesday

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Clear & pleast for Decembr. I have finisht a Striped mitt for Ephm. Dolly & Sally went to a Daunce at mr Capins, were attended by a mr Lambart and White. I spent the Evn quite alone for Ephm was gone to ye hook & mr Morril up Streat. at home. my Girls to mr Capins.


March 1, 1795, Sunday

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1 D



Clear & very pleasant. mr Charls Gill and mrss Betsy Barton were united at this house, the Ceremony performd by Wilm Brooks Esqr. Son Jon a, his wife, Pollard and his, mr Lambart, Hews and Polly Town, and Salv G. Moore and all my famely were present. at home. mr Charls Gill and mrs B. Barton were united. Dagt Dolly has the Mumps.


April 19, 1795, Sunday

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19 D



rainy. mr Ballard went to meeting to thee hook. I was not So well as I Could wish. Augustus Ballard Dind with us. we had a Loin of Veal roasted. mr Barnabas Lambart auskt our Consent that he might Marrie our Daugt Dolly. at hom. we Consentd that mr Barnas Lambert Should marrie our Dagt Dolly.


April 20, 1795, Monday

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20 2



rainy. mr Ballard went to mr Jonses. I have been mending Shirts, apron & Trousers. mr Lambart & my Dagt Dollys intencions of marriage were made public by posting at ye meeting house. at home. mr Lambart and Dolly Publisht.


May 8, 1795, Friday

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8 6



Clear & Pleast. mr Ballard at Esqr Conys. Dagt Ballard and her Childn went home. Dolly and Sally washt & went to mr Gills. mr Princ Baker here. I was Calld to See Capt Molloys infant, it is unwell. we gave it Rhubarb. I tarried all night. at Capt Molloys. Dagt Ballard went home, Son Town Slept here.


May 14, 1795, Thursday

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Clear and Extreamly Pleasant. mr Barnabas Lambart and our Dagt Dolly were united in ye Bonds of matrimony (may it pleas the Author of Mercie to Bless them by restoreing her impared health and granting them long to liv in lov and harmony.) the Magistrate who performd was Wm Brooks Esqr, he returnd ye fee to my Dagt. other attendants on the ocation were mr Capin, Sons Pollard & Jon a, mr Gill & yr wives, mr Pitts & Sister, mr Richd Foster and wife, mr Stodert & miss Pollard, together with all my famely which Consisted of mr Ballard, my Self, Sons Cyrus, Ephm, S. G. Moore, Sally Cocks, Lucy Petty & Bickford. mr Davenport ocationally was at Tea with us. the whole was performd with Desency. at home. mr Barnabas Lambart and our Daugt Dolly were united in matrimony. mr Capin writing here foren.


May 22, 1803, Sunday

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22 1



Clear. our famely all at meeting. mr Parker Performd from 2 Corinthv C 11 verse. I was at mr Thwings at intermition, his Child is mending. I Calld at mr Moodys after Service, his wife is feeble yet. Calld at Son Jonas, Son and Daugt Lambard there. Billy Ballard is unwell, he pukt up a worm. at meeting, mr Thwing, Moodys and my sons. mrs Hitty Peirce is Published to Saml Babcock.
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