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Letters from Benjamin Vaughn to Dr. Page
Vaughn, Benjamin
1801 - 02
Location of original: Maine Historical Society, Portland, Maine
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November 25, 1802


  Dear sir, Hallowell, Nov. 25, 1802

1 part antimonial wine, & 2 parts Clutton's febrifuge; to be taken according to my note.

yours BV

   Somewhat ignorant of Mrs. D's first form of attack, & the regular train of her subsequent symptoms, I am ignorant also whether the whole be one or two diseases. If there is pleurisy which has supervened from cold caught, I think to gain a day by giving the bark is hazardous; & the same, if spasm has supervened. I suspect the latter, from its frequent cessation & the effect of anti-spasmodics; from the attempts made to remove irritants from the alimentary passages not having the result, which might be expected, were such irritants concerned. -- I therefore have conceived, if a tonic is to be used, that bitters & chalybeates might have trial, rather than bark; or at least, that the bark should be confined to as much only as enter into our new medicine. The bark seems to lead the blood to the regions of the thorax, & the chalybeate to the surface & extremities. Why might not our new chalybeate be tried alone, or diluted with vinegar & water, at the rate of a grain or two / dose. -- What say you to zinc?

   Last night I gave 1 part laudanum,


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