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Letters from Benjamin Vaughn to Dr. Page
Vaughn, Benjamin
1801 - 02
Location of original: Maine Historical Society, Portland, Maine
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March 14, 1802 Page 3


in reducing the fever, which obstructed the secretions.

   If Miss Bakman should continue troubled with dosing, may not the opium be withdrawn from her pills? -- I strongly incline there, to the loss of 4 ounces of blood by way of experiment; pushing the bleeding, if the pulse rises, so as to take away 6. By the affect, a repetition may be shewn to be proper or improper, as may be.

Yours sincerely, BV

Did you ever know a single instance of evil committed by our bleeding in fever; and on the contrary, have you not known evils, or least delays, from procrastinating it? If you balance accounts with the [lowest], you will I fear find yourself largely its debtor, even in the last year.

   They have had much sickness & mortality in the new townships from fever, which their best practioners call mixed. You may judge of the practce by this [appellation] & the result.

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