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Letters from Benjamin Vaughn to Dr. Page
Vaughn, Benjamin
1801 - 02
Location of original: Maine Historical Society, Portland, Maine
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March 14, 1802 Page 1


Dear sir, March 14, 1802

   Pardon me for saying, that for sundry motives which will readily occur to you, I am not without uneasiness respecting Mr. Whitwell. I conjecture that for fever joined to pleuritic systems, he has not lost a sufficiency of blood. Sydenham's rule is 40 ounces for the cure of the pleurisy of an adult; & you know what the averages of [smart] fever-attacks require. To get into the train of bleeding again will require caution; but I think you may safely propose to yourself 4 ounces, & by the effect of the bleeding be governed as to any thing beyond. I think you will always find his pulse sufficiently [wiry], or his cough sufficiently catching, to permit this for a single trial.

   Secondly, if no blister has been applied to his breast, should not one go there? You [must] perceive that the habit of your patient does not warrant against a consumptive sequel, if strong measures are not taken at present.

   Thirdly, though I am ignorant of the

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