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Letters from Benjamin Vaughn to Dr. Page
Vaughn, Benjamin
1801 - 02
Location of original: Maine Historical Society, Portland, Maine
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March 14, 1802 Page 2


influence of gum arabic or any gums in this complicated attack, I think liquorice in small quantities may be admissable, particularly the stick liquorice; of which Judge North has plenty, if you have not. Irritation must be checked.

   Lastly, as to riding out in cool weather, I think the measure is, or will seem to be dubious, till the irritation to cough is removed. You remember that Mr. Lewis' first ride was followed by an increase of fever; but that his subsequent rides, when his breast was relieved, were of eminent utility.

   Forgive this freedom, as well as my request that you would attend a little to Mr. [Willis]; whose [expectoration] was said last night to have abated, but which by a little root or bleeding (if bleeding is indicated) may be restored perhaps. Possibly the clyster & physic of yesterday had effect

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