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April 17 - 24, 1785
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The Apr. 21 entry mentiones Dr. Page and is featured in Dr. Page & Martha Ballard: Martha's Diary in "Martha and Man-Midwife".
17 B


Clear & plest. mr Pollard, Isaac Savage & Polly here. Enformd yt Jono Wimans wife Deceasd Last Eving.  
18 2


Clear morn, raind a little aftern. I finishd making Soap. was at home all Day. Polly Savage here.  
19 3


Clear part of ye Day, Snowd at night. I combd flax. was very unwell at night.  
20 4


Snowd & raind. mr Canady & Church here Getting logs into the Brook.  
21 5


Clear & Cool for April. I was unwell, had taken Cold which Causd a pain in my Neck and Sholder. Colo Howard, mr Brooks & Doct Colman here. Enformd of ye Death of Leutt Howard who Departed this Life yesterday.  
22 6

[mr] Turner & wf at mr westons.

Clear & warm. mr Ballard attendid funeral of Leut Howard. the CorpS were Brought on a Sleigh up ye River to Colo Howards in ye morng, ye funeral at two O Clock. I was at Mr Westons, Saw the Widdow Drawn Down river at about Six aftern in ye sleigh Drawn by men. I tarried at mr Westons all night; took Care of Jimmy.  
23 7


Clear. At mr Westons till after Dinner. mr Weston Returnd from Boston. got home about 12 O Clock, Crost ye river on the Ice. mrs Pollard & I at Colo Norths; Drank Tea.  
24 B

Birth. mr Blakes Son at about 5 [  ]. fee Recvd. X

I was Calld at 2 O Clock in ye Morn to go to thee hook to Mrs Blake in travil. went Winthrop road about 4 miles, from that to Blakes near four miles. arivd before the Sun rose, found mrs Blake Deliverd of a Son By the help of Peter Clearks wife. receivd 4 Shilling for my trouble. returnd to Fosters on hors back; from thence walkd home attindid by mr Foster. I was much fatagud. then Calld to Isaac Savages to See hannah, his Dafter. returnd home at 10 in Eving. on return mr Ballard found ye Boome Logs & Bords all a float. Hamlin, Robbins, Cowin & Jonathan got out of bed & went to Secure them. People pasd on the ice from Fort western this Day.  
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April 17 - 24, 1785
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