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Letter from Sewall to his son, in Henry Sewall's Diary
Sewall, Henry
November, 1826
Location of original: Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts
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of baptism does not seem to be determined by scripture; but the subjects are if it is in place of circumcision. And this seems to be strongly corroborated if not proved by the instances of baptism of households, as in the case of the jailer, of Lydia, & of Stephanos. And the proceedings of the council of bishops A.D. 253, soon after the age of the apostles, assembled to decide the question, whether infants might be baptized before they were 8 days old? being unanimously determined in the affirmative, goes to prove both the practice of infant baptism, & that it was considered, at that early stage of the christian era, in place of circumcision. If then John's baptism was not christian baptism, & that ordinance was not instituted until after our Saviour's resurrection, we have but one instance on scripture record that favors the mode of immersion, viz. the case of Philip & the Eunuch (Acts 38.) But this is not stated to have been done at a river, but only at accessible water in the way as they traveled. [Permit me here to illustrate the improbability of immersion in the above case by the following incident. My neighbor, Esq. H. & myself were once riding horseback from Augusta to Hallowell, when our horses stopped at the Glennady brook to drink. Whereupon I asked my fellow traveler, what evidence we had from scripture, that the water where Philip baptized the Eunuch was any deeper than this sahllow brook? He replied, it was so deep that they went down into it & came up out of it. So, said I, have our horses gone down into this water, & with come out of it, when they have done drinking. But, rejoined he, it was so deep that he baptized him, & that was immersion. But viz., s.d I, in conclusion, this is the very point to be proved,- are you not begging the question?]
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