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The Instructor, or American Young Man's Best Companion Containing Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetick
Fisher, George
Published by Isaiah Thomas, Worcester
Location of original: Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts
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Page 57


  The American Young Man's best Companion 57

enough) boiled pretty small ; eight Ounces of Copperas, clean rocky and green ; also eight Ounces of clean, bright and clear Gum Arabick ; and two Ounces of Roche Alum : let those stand together in a large Stone Bottle, or clean Sauce Pot, or Earthen Pot, with a narrow Mouth, to keep it from the Dust ; shake, roll, or stir it well, once every Day, and you will have excellent Ink in about a Month's Time ; and the older it grows, the better it will be for Use.

Ingredients for a Quart.

  One Quart of Water, four Ounces of Galls, two Ounces of Copperas, and two Ounces of Gum, mixed and stirred as above.

  If you soak the green Peeling of Walnuts (at the Time of the Year when pretty ripe) and Oak Saw Dust, or small Chips of Oak, in Rain Water, and stir it pretty often for a Fortnight : The Water strained off and used with the same Ingredients as above, will render the Ink still stronger and better.

How to make : Red Ink.

TAKE three Pints of stale Beer (rather than Vinegar) four Ounces of ground Brazil Wood ; simmer them together for an hour ; then strain it through a Flannel, and bottle it up (well stopped) for Use.

  Or you may dissolve Half an Ounce of Gum Senega, or Arabick, in Half a Pint of Water ; then put a Pennyworth of Vermillion into a small Gallipot, and pour some of the Gum Water to it, stir it well, and mix it together with a Hair Pencil to a proper Consistancy ; but it will not incorporate presently, though by the next Day it will ; then having a clean Pen, dip it into the Ink, having first well stirred it with a Pencil, and then you may use it : It is a fine and curious Red, though not so free as the other. And after the same Manner you may make any other coloured Ink, as Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, &c. having divers Gallipots, for that Use. In like Manner you may mix the Shell Gold for curious Occasions ; pouring in two or three Drops, according to the Direction, into the Shell, and mix it well with a clean Hair Pencil, and with it put a little into a clean Pen, &c. The Shells may be bought at the Paint Sellers' Shops for a few Pence ; the large ones are the best.
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