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The Female Physician, Containing All the Diseases Incident to that Sex, in Virgins, Wives, and Widows
Maubray, John
Published by Printed for James Holland, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 171


Ch. 2. Qualifications of the Midwife. 171

shall treat of the CAUSES of difficult and preternatural BIRTHS, together with the respective Methods of preventing, correcting, or removing them effectually.

C H A P. II.

Of the Qualifications of the Ordinary
M I D W I F E.

IT is indeed indifferent whether Men or Women practise this A R T, so the Practisers be properly adapted, and duly qualified for the Purpose of so great a WORK. As for Instance, in France, MEN only profess this Business; in Italy, and Germany, MEN and WOMEN promiscuously; in England, Scotland, Holland, &c. MEN are stiled Extraordinary MID-WIVES, being seldom or never call'd but in extraordinary Cases of difficult and preternatural BIRTHS. Wherefore, upon this Account, I shall first observe and denote the Qualifications most requisite and absolutely necessary for WOMEN practising this ART.

NOW as all Arts and Sciences require Instruction, Application, Pains, and Time, for qualifying any Person to become a MASTER in the Practice of them; so the ART of Midwifery requires not the least Regard, Attention, and Information. Wherefore it is quite wrong for any Persons, who have not a Body and Mind particularly adpted to this Business, to spend their Time in qualifying theselves for, and applying themselves to the Performance of this good Office. For such as These ought to leave This Province to THOSE Persons, whom Nature has more signally mark'd out for the Purpose.

AND that I may the better distinguish upon what I have here propos'd, I shall first speak in the Negative, and then in the Affirmative Sense of the Affair; Or first, of her Natural, and then of her Acquir'd Qualifications.

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