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The Female Physician, Containing All the Diseases Incident to that Sex, in Virgins, Wives, and Widows
Maubray, John
Published by Printed for James Holland, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 168


I68      Of M I D W I F E R Y. Sect.IV.

II. IT distinguisheth an impregnated from an unconceived WOMB, a real from a false Big-Belly, and a natural from a preternatural CONCEPTION.

III. IT teacheth the Regimen of the conceived Woman, for averting the Severity of the SYMPTOMS of the several Months, and all acute Diseases, in order to strengthen the Infant, and prevent any MISCARRIAGE.

IV. IT instructeth by the Touch or Hanlding only, to discover, from time to time, the true State and Condition of the Conceived Woman, not only during the Time of Pregnancy, but also before and in the time of LABOUR.

V. IT immediately (in the beginning of LABOUR) discriminates a Natural from a Preturnatural, and an easy and speedy from a difficult and lingring future BIRTH.

VI. IT presently discovers any one or more of the many different, general, or particular CAUSES of difficult or preternatural BIRTHS.

VII. IT informeth the fair Practiser how to remove and correct those CAUSES, and deliver the Woman, not at all by butcherly Instruments, but by Judgement and Help of HAND only.

VIII. IT sheweth not only how to extract dead Children, and sometimes MONSTERS, but also false Conceptions, Superfoetations, Moles, &c.

IX. AND Lastly, this ART teacheth the true Regimen of the CHILD-BED-WOMAN, and her BABE, together with the proper Methods and Means of HELP in all Cases incident to them Both.

THESE Heads (I think) fully comprehend the whole Art of MIDWIFERY: And what can be more ingenious now? What can be more conducive to the common Good, or more serviceable to any Country, than the Preservation of the Health and Lives of its multiplying WOMEN and CHILDREN?

THIS Art has been in such Esteem among the ANTIENTS, that it was (in all Ages) the Study of the most Learned PHYSICIANS; tho' its Practice succeeded best only, first in France, then in Italy, and afterwards

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