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The Female Physician, Containing All the Diseases Incident to that Sex, in Virgins, Wives, and Widows
Maubray, John
Published by Printed for James Holland, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 170


170 O f M I D W I F E R Y. Sect. IV.

THEY explain thus ART upon firm Mathematical Foundations, and solid Demonstrations of Truth. Besides they give many new, and most necessary Directions, in regard to Touching or Handling of Women; whereby MIDWIVES may not only foresee all Difficulties, which can possibly happen, but also prevent them in due Time.

THEIR great Ingenuity and Dexterity in this ART, has (to the Glory of G O D Almighty's good Providence, and the Honour of their own Profession) rendred the Use of INSTRUMENTS, not only needless and superfluous, but also odious and ridiculous. They instruct us how to remedy the most difficult Occurences, by a right Understanding of the Business, and a nice subtile skilful HAND only, without any manner of other INSTRUMENT; excepting only in the Case of a MONSTROUS or dead BIRTH.

UPON whose great Authorities, and the small Knowledge I myself have of the Parts of Generation, if I affirm the imminent and manifest Danger of such dilating INSTRUMENTS, as are commonly us'd upon every trifling Occasion, I hope it will not be taken amiss by the READER: Since my Design is not so much to discourage any in their Practice, as only to excite such Practitioners to apply themselves to the above-mention'd far more Safe, Easy and Commendable METHOD: which if they shall think fit to do, the Excellency of the Profession will shine as bright Here as in other Parts of the World; and at the same time, the absurd Imputations and false Suggestions of the Ignorant (who imagine all Women to be deliver'd either by CHANCE, or by such barbarous USAGE) will be clean wip'd off: For (I am fully satisfy'd) that our ART, no ways depends upon CHANCE or FORTUNE, and running any Risque or Hazard; but (to the contrary) on as firm a Foundation, and as infallible Rules, as a great many other Professions, which however yet are sometimes subject to A C C I D E N T S. All which I shall endeavour to make evidently appear, in the next SECTION; where I

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