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January 9 - 19, 1812
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The Jan. 19 entry is relevant to the "Martha Ballard and Money" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
9 5


Clear. Son Jonas wife & 2 Childn Came here. I have done hous work & knit Some. at home, Jonas wife [here].
10 6


Clear. I have been at home, knit & did my hous work. Linda went to See her Sist Sands, 3 other Girls with her & Slept here; Fields allso. at home,
11 7


Clear. I have mended a Shirt & part did [a] Coat for my husband. Stephen Lathrop here. at home.
12 1


Cloudy day, Snowd at night. mr Lankester & wife here at Evng. Shee gave me flower and Tea. Becky Fletcher & Georg Andrus allso here. we have not been to meeting. at home. mr Lankester & wife here at Evng.
13 2


Clear part of the day. Beck here all day. Abm Fields & Hanh Glidon Came at Evng. Rans Pierce, Jona Ballard & Wilm all Sleep here. at home, Company here.
14 3


Clear part of the day & Cloudy part. Fields & Hannah left here afler Breakfast, Becky Fletcher after dinner. Jona & Ranus Sleep here. at home.
15 4


Clear part of the day, Snowd Some. I have done hous work & knit some. at home. Death old mrss Shaw.
16 5


Clear the most of the day. old mrs Stone here, informd that old mrs Shaw departed this life last night. A mr Hammond and mrs Mason here at Evng. at home. Funeral mr Pipers Son.
17 6


Clear. Funeral of Old mrss Shaw. Betsy Wiman Calld here. Revd mr Tappin here, gave mr Ballard 8 Dolars of the money Contributed for the relief of the poore. I was Calld by mr Livermore to go and See his wife who was in Labour, her women were Calld at 9h Evn. old mrss Hamlin, Nichols and 2 mrss Heartfords. at home till Evng. Revd mr Tappin here. Funeral Old mrss Shaw. I went to mr Livermores at Evng.
18 7

Birth mr Livermores Dagt.

Clear and Cold. mrs Livermore Deld at 10h am of a Dagt after a very Dangerous Labour. I returnd home at 2h pm very much over Come with the Cold. found Dagt Ballard here. mr Field Conducted his Bride home to hous keeping. at mr Livermores. Birth 1 st. Funeral mrs Baxter.
19 1

[X]. Birth mrss Wilms Son, first Born. XX.

Clear part of the day, Snowd some & very Cold. Luke Barton here. Isaac [Farewel], H. Pollard & Sopha Ballard Calld here. I was Calld to See mrs Williams, Shee was Safe Deld of a Son, her first Born at 9h [20]m pm. I tarried all night, Slept a little. Birth 2nd. receivd 1 Dolr at Jobe Springers. receivd 1 Dolr March 20th.
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January 9 - 19, 1812
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