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February 1 - 11, 1808
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at home, very unwel. Daugt Lambd with me, did my washing. at home, Some Easier.
[2] 3


Clear. my Dagt Lambd tarried till near night when they Conducted her home in A Sleigh. I feel Some better. Son Lambd Sent me _ Gln Spirit. they Sent me Buller, Chees and Beef before. at home.
[3] 4


Clear. mrs Farewel Came here. I remain Some more Comfortable for which Mercy I wish to render Prais to God the author. at home, Some Easier.
[4] 5


Snowd. I have done a little wk, finisht Cyruss Stockins. at home.
[5] 6


Clear Part of the day. I have Doubled Some yarn. mrs Farewel finisht futing a pair Buskins fr my husband. at home, remain Easier.
[6] 7


Cloudy. mrs Farewel Bakt. I have done a little work but am feeble ye t. I receivd A prest of 6_ lb Beef and 3_ do Pork from Son Pollard. at home.
[7] 1


Clear. mr Ballard & Cyrus to meeting. mrs Farewel here. mrs Smith took Tea with us. at home.
[8] 2


A Snow Storm. I have done Some hous work & knit Some. I Brewd Some [Beer]. at home.
[9] 3


Snowd. I have done the most of my hous work and knit Some. at home.
[10] 4


Cloudy, Snowd Some. I have been ["at home" - implied], did part of my hous work & knit. at home.
[11] 5


Clear. mrs Farewel went from here at 1 O Clock PM. Ephm Conducted her in a Sleigh to his dadys. I have knit & done Some things, [about] Soap. at home. [mrs Farewel left here].
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February 1 - 11, 1808
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