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July 20 - 27, 1805
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Clear. we Sett out from Son L., my husband and I on hors Back. Son & Dagt, Allin, Barny, Dolly and Sally Pollard walkt. the hors I was on Started a little below Zibe Petingails & threw me, Son Lambd ran to my assistance. I mounted the other hors and we went to mr Gills to attend ye Funeral of his Child. revd mr Stone made a fine Prayer on the ocation. I Could not prosceed to the grave but tarried till they returnd and then went to Son Lambds. Lucy is unwell yet. I had a Distrest night. Old mrs Savage took Care of Lucy. at Son Lambds & at the Funeral of mr Gills Dagt Betsy.
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Clear. mr Lambd Conducted me home in a Shais. I am So Lambe I Can Scairsly walk. I was on ye bed the most of ye day. mr Ballard attended worship. I. Pierce, P. Wiman, Rosa Cottle and 4 of Jonas Childn to meeting. at Son Lambds. Came home forenn.
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Clear and warm. I have been at home very Lame but had to do my work. at home.
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Clear. I have been at home, very Lame. at home.
24 4


Clear Except Showers. I have gathered Cherrys and done my work, feel some Better. at home.
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Clear. mr Ballard & I gatherd Cherrys. mr B. went down to the settlement with 15 qts. Sold 7 qts & gave the others to mrs Thwing & Pitts. mrss Conry & Gill here ys aftern. Sally Farewel, 2 of mr Eads Daughts and 3 of his Sons Calld in. at home. mrs Conry & Gill here.
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Clear Except Showers at Evng. Dagt Ballard went to Hallowell, the Childn troublesome at Evng. at home.
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Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard to Lambds & Ephms. Jonas wife has Shewn her tantrums. I Could wish it night [be] ye will of God that I might See other treatment. mr Gray, who Teaches Gramer School, here at Evng. at home. a tumultuous aftern.
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July 20 - 27, 1805
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