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August 28 - September 7, 1803
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28 1


Clear and very warm. Polly Town and I tarried at home, ye young men to meeting. mr Parker Performd. Son Jona, his wife and part of their Childn here to Tea. mrs Capin and Son Set out for Boston. at home.
29 2


Clear. Son Pollard brot his wife and Dagts, Sally & Dolly, here. the Babe is not very well. I have been at home. mrs Black, Dagt Ballard, Hannah & Sally here to Tea. at home. mrs Black here.
30 3


Clear. Dagt Pollard did my washing then went to Son Lambds. mrs Farewel & Getchel here to Tea. I have finisht futing a pair hoes, began another pair. Jona receivd A line from his Dad of 20th inst when he was well. at home.
31 4


Clear and pleast. the wido Higins and her Dagt Peve Dind here, Son Ephm and Lathrop allso. Lalp Supt. I have done my hous work. ye young men to training. at home. mrss Higins &Dagt here.
1 5


Clear. I have done my hous work and Some washing. Son and Dagt Pollard Calld here on their way home. at home.
2 6


Clear. I did my hous work and went to Lectur. Calld at Luis Hamlins as I went. at mr Crags as I returnd. I did my ironing after I Came home. at Lectur.
3 7


Clear forn, a Shower at noon. I have done up my Caps. Dagt Ballard here, mended Lathrops Trousers. Heman Bur Came to work with Son Ephm. at home. H. Burr Came to liv with Ephm.
4 1


Clear. I attended worship, it was Communion day. Capt Cony & Susanna were Published. at meeting.
5 2


Clear part of ye day. I have Cleand Butery and done my hous work. Sally Polld and Hanh Ballard Came and helpt me Some. I Bakt for Purington & my Self. at home.
6 3


raind part of ye day. I have Cleand Chambers and done my hous work. Cyrus kille a porcapine by the hous. at home.
7 4


Clear. Sally Church washt for me. I did my hous work, feel fatagued much. at home.
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August 28 - September 7, 1803
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