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February 11 - 20, 1803
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11 6

X. Birth Charls Gills 4th Son & [6]th Child. XX.

Clear and Pleast. I was Calld at 3m after mid night to go and See mrs Gill who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld at 10h morn of her 6th Child by her last marriage and 4th son. I left her and infant Cleverly at 1h Pm, the wrideing very bad. I Calld at Son Lambds and took ye milk out of her infts breast, they were very full and hard. at mr Charls Gills. Birth 7th. March 14th recd of mr Gill, by the hand of Son Ephm, 12/ as a reward.
12 7


Clear. I have been at home till Sun an hour high. mrs Butlar Came here. I Set out on hors back and went to Son Pollards, arivd there at dusk. Cyrus went with me, he tarried all night. at Son Pollards.
13 1

X. Birth Son Pollards 4th Dagt. XX.

rainy. I have been at Ditoes. my Daught was taken in Labour, her women were Calld in before dark and Shee was Safe Deld at 11h 10m Evn of her 4th dagt and 6th Child, and is as well as Can be Expected. at Ditoes. Birth 8th. recd as a rewd.
14 2


at Son Pollards. at Detoes.
15 3


16 4


17 5


18 6


19 7


and at Son Jonas. and at Son Jonas.
20 1


Clear and pleast. I have Seen 68 years this day, have been to meeting, to son Lambds. Allin has A Scolt foot. I went after meeting to Son Pollards, find my Dagt with a pain in her head. Poltised her feet, the infant was Chokd. I made use of means to help [it]. at meeting, Son Lambds & Ballards. Dagt Ballard was here [   ] meeting.
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February 11 - 20, 1803
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