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January 1 - 10, 1801
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The Jan. 2-Feb. 10 entries are relevant to the "Dissection" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
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The Jan. 6 entry is mentioned in a list Laurel Ulrich compiled of all Medicinal Ingredients Mentioned in Martha Ballard's Diary
1 5


Clear. I have been at home, done my hous wk. at home.
2 6


Clear. I was at home till 8h Evn when I was Calld to Son Jonas to See John Davis who is Scholt and brot from Asa Pierces, there he had fitts. I tarried all night. at my Sons, John Davis brot there.
3 7


Clear and Cold. I was Twice at my Sons, tarried all night. Son & Dagt Lambd and their Childn Came here. they left allin and went to mr Pittss. at my sons. son Lambd & famely here.
4 1


Clear. mr Ballard to meeting. Esq Davis brot his miss and Son here, we gave up our North room to them. Doct Colman Sleeps here, Esq Davis, Son Lambd and famely allso. my husband and I lay by the kitchen fire. at home. John brot here. my Childn Sleep here.
5 2


A Severe Snow Storm. son Lambd & famely went to Son Jonas. Esq Davis and son Ephm Sleep here. John Seems Cleverly. at home.
6 3


Snowd. John was very ill, Cony & Colman were Calld Early ys morn. drest the burns with poulleses of 3d pt rhum, oinions and indien meal. Colman and mrs Duttun with him this night. I laid down a little while in my Cloaths. at home. the Docters here the most of the day.
7 4


Snowd and haild. Betsy Came and helpt do my work. the Docts both here. John Seems more Comfortable. I was up the most of the night. at home. Cony made 2 visits.
8 5


Snowd. John Seems better. mrs Woodwd here to watch. I laid down in my Cloaths after mid night. Doct Colman Came after that and tarried ye remaindr ys night. I was Calld up at 5 to help dress John. he past 1 worm. at home.
9 6


Clear and Cold. Colman went home. Colman went home Cony Came. John past 19 worms ys day. his dad been Twice to see him. Sons Lambd & Ephm dind here. mrs Saunders watcht. mr Ballard unwell. I feel so much fatagued, I Can but just keep about. at home.
10 7


Clear. I have had a fatauging day. mrs Gill and Farewell to see John. mr Mofet here. Jane Herington Came at Evn to help me. Son Pollard Calld me at 9h Evn to See his wife who is in Labour. at son Pollards at night. Betsy Cowen helpt me.
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January 1 - 10, 1801
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