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February 23 - March 4, 1800
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23 1


Snowd. mr Ballard to meeting, Son Cyrus & Hepsy to Son Pollards. I Sent Each of his Childn a pair of wolen hoes. Dagt Ballard Calld in here, informs me her Dagt is unwell. at home.
24 2


Snowd and raind foren, a fine pleast aftern. Dagt Ballard, S. J. Foster, his wife & oldest Child here at Evng. I have knit a pair of hoes for Thos Lambd, and part of one for Dolly ys Day. Jona went to Sinclears for hay. at home. mr Foster & wife here.
25 3


Clear and Cold. Bror Ebenz Moore here. I have wrote to Bror Jona, and went to my Sons to See Hannah, find her better. I knitt a pair hoes for Dolly Lambd. at my Sons.
26 4


Clear. I have been at home, knit a pair Socks for mr Ballard. Son & Dagt Lambd and Jona & wife and Ephm Supt with us. at home. my Childn here.
27 5


Clear and pleast. mr Ballard and I, Son and Dagt Lambd went to Son Pollards, Dind & took Tea. mr Tole and his wife were there at Evng. at Son Pollards.
28 6


Clear part of ye Day. I went to Son Jonas Early this Morn, he was not at home. I have been doing hous work and kniting on Dolly Lambds mitts. Hepsy went to mr Parkers, finds them Sick with Colds. Son Pollard, his wife and Babe Came to Son Lambds. at home.
1 7


A very Severe Snow Storm. I feel my Self very unwell, went onto ye bed but was Calld to rise and go to Son Lambards to See Son Pollards infant, find it very Sick. we gave it Senna and Rhubarb. my Son went home to take Care of his famely. at Son Lambds. Harry Pollard very Sick there.
2 1


Clear and Cold. mr Ballard Came to See the Child at intermition. it is very Sick yet. at Ditoes.
3 2


Clear. the Babe is no better. Son Pollard Lambd went for Doct Cony to Come and See the babe, he was absent. Son Pollard Came and Calld Doct Colman who recommended Castor Oil; we made use of it. Cony Came at Evng, he gave it as his opineon it was Dangerously ill, advised to pursue the Cast Oil which we Did. it was very Sick thro the night. the Doct left Snake root, Cammomile and an other ingreedient and Parrigoric which was used acording to his direction to a punctilio but to no affect, the illness still increases. at Ditoes. mr Stone there on a visit. the babe very Sick.
4 3


Clear. I am with my Childn yet. Cony Came and gave the babe an Emetic which had a kind operation but, alas, the Cause is not yet removed. he gave it Excesive washings with Brandy and red oinions applyd to the belly and feet. we followed his Directions. mrss Haywood and Polly Pollard Sett up with the Child, it was thot to be Expireing at 4h morn. at Ditoes. the babe is no Better.
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February 23 - March 4, 1800
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