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January 1 - 10, 1800
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[1] 4


Clear and Cold. Son Ephm Clapboarding ye South End of our house. I have been at home kniting. at home.
[2] 5

[Birth Davenport Dagt.]

Clear and pleast. I was Calld at 1h 30m morn to See the wife of Thos Davenport who was Safe Deld of her 3d daugt & 5 Child at 12 O Clock in ye day. I returnd home at 4 pm. Sons Lambd and Ephm here, finisht the outside of our house. at mr Davenports. Birth 1st
[3] 6


Clear. I have been at home unwell. Son Jonas wife took Tea with me. at home.
[4] 7


Cloudy. I have been at home mending Cloaths, feel unwell. Hepsy has a Soar throat. mr Ballard, Gilly and Jack Pierce to the meddow. Ephm has made Sellar Stairs, Bedroom partition &C, &C. Dagt Lambd Sent mr Ballards newGt Coat home. at home.
[5] 1


Clear and Cold. my famely all attend worship Except my Self. I have felt very unwell. at home.
[6] 2


Clear and Cold. I have been at home, helpt do house work. we killd all of our hens. mr Ballard been to meeting of Bridg proprieters, Cyrus to mr Hamlins Store, recd 9/ there by order of mr Stulely springer. at home.
[7] 3


Clear and Cold. mr Ballard had a Collic ye morn, got better Soon. I have been at home, not so well as Could be wisht. mrss Edson Dind here. at home. mrs Edson & Dagt Ballard here.
[8] 4


Clear. mr Ballard at Varsalboro Surveying for mr Stephens. Son Ephm Came and took a pigg, which wd 65 lb, for mr Lambd. I have been at home. we made Some mins and apple Pies. Cyrus giting wood. at home.
[9] 5


Clear. mr Ballard giting timber to mend Sleads and mending them, had threats of ye Collic. I have been at home, mended [Crocery]. mr Hains Learned here at Evng. at home.
[10] 6

[X. Birth Elis Craggs Dagt. X.]

Clear. I was Calld at 1h morn to See a mrss Hrriman, Shee was Deld of a Son before I reacht there, which wd 10 lb 5 oz. I Drest the inft and was then Calld by mr Elias Cragge to go and See his wife who was in Labour. Shee was Deld before Day of her 2nd Child and first Dagt. I was there and at mr Herimans till 4h pm when mr Cragge Sett out to Conduct me home. the Sleigh over Sett, the fills broke but we were not hurt. I went to mrs Dutins till another hors and Sleigh were procured and Came home Saffe. mr Crage bestowed 12/ as a reward. this inft 3rd Child. at mr Herimans. Birth 2nd. mr Craggs. Birth 3d. recd 12/ as a rewd.
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January 1 - 10, 1800
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