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May 15 - 19, 1792
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The May 19 entry recounts one of just two times that Martha called in a doctor to help with a delivery. The other time was November 11, 1785.
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As on May 19, a doctor was present at a delivery Martha presided over on October 10, 1794, but in the latter case the mother and her family called the doctor, not Martha. Investigate that event in-depth in Martha and a Man-Midwife.
15 3

X. Birth mr Beemans Dagt. XX.

Clear. I went to mr Dummers, bot 2yds Shalloon 5/, 2Do fustian 5/, 1 lb Tea & Teapot 3/8, paper pins /10, 1 Galn molases 3/6, Skein Silk /5, 2lb Butter 1/6. mrs Barton & my Dagt gone to Jonas. Thos Haywood here. I paid him 24/ for his Dad. I went to See mrs Densmores inft, it is no better. I was Calld at 9h Evn to See mrs Beeman, Shee was Delivd Soon after my arival of [a her] 4th Dagt. I tarried all night, my Patients are Cleverly. at mr Dummers & mr Densmores. I have Beets, Carrots & Beens up. at mr Beemans. Birth 19th.
16 4


Cloudy. I returnd home at 9h morn, left my Patients Cleverly, receivd 6/ as a reward. mrs Bartun left here ys morn to go home by water with Jams Haywood. at Does. mrs Barton went from here. raind aftn.
17 5


Cloudy. I was Calld at 10h morn to See Richd Fosters wife in Labour. Shee lingerd thro ye night. I Slept a little. mr Ballard is 67 years old ys Day, if alive. at Richd Fosters
18 6

Birth Richd Fosters Dagt.

Cloudy & Showery. mrs Foster was Safe Deld of a Dagt & first Child at 5h 30m. I was Calld upon to go & See the Lady of Jedy Preskott & I arivd there at 10, find her in Labour. tarried there all night. went to Bed & had rest. mrs Attkins of Sterling there. at Does & mr Preskots. Birth 20th.
19 7

X. Birth mr Diah Preskts Son. XX. I receivd 9/ as a reward. mr Livermors Son Born, [ ] Coney asisted her.

Clear, a frost ys morn. my Patients illness Came on at 8h morn, her women were Calld. her Case was Lingering till 7 pm. I removd Difuculties & waited for Natures opperations till then, when Shee was more Severely atackt with with obstructions which alarmd me much. I Desird Doct Hubard might be Sent for which request was Complid with, but by Divine assistance I performed the opperation, which was blisst with the preservation of the lives off mother and inft. the life of the latter I Dispard off for Some time. at mr Preskotts. Birth 21. the mostperelous Sien I ever past thro in the Cours of my practice.blessed be God for his Goodness.
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May 15 - 19, 1792
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