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October 5 - 12, 1788
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5 E

X. Birth Thoms Hinklys Dagt. XX.

at mr Hinklys; her women Calld at 7h Evn. Shee was Safe Delivd of a Daugt at 11 pm. I tarried all night. at mr Hinklys.
6 2


Clear. I went to See mrs Fuller & Child. Calld to see mrs Bates; find her Better. returnd home at 10h m. receivd 7/ of mr Hinkly at magr Stickneys & 7/ on Suball Hinklys acount. wido Williams here. Polly Bisbe workt for me makeing Hannah a goun. at Hink[lys] & Fullers, mr Batess & mr Westons.
7 3


Clear. I have been at home, made a Baise Coat & piqut 1/2 lb of wool. at home.
8 4


rainy foren, Clear aft. I have been at home, made 2 pockets for Hannah, mended Cyruss Stockins & piqut wool for him. mr Ballard is not so well as usual. Jotham Smith Cridt by 1 M Shingles. mr Ballard bot a Side of Beef of Colo Howard. at home. Smith brot Shingles.
9 5


Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard to Church meeting. mrs Savage warpt a piece here. the girls gone to Hamlins. at home.
10 6


Cloudy. I have been at home. mr Bald been to Doct Coneys. mr Learned Came here. Betsy Chever here. at home.
11 7


Rainy. I have been at home. the Girls made some mins & Pumkin pies. mr Ballard went to Varsalboro & met the other Select Gent men at mr Pollards. Calvin Ballard Sleeps here. at home.
12 E

X. Birth mr Isaac Clearks Son & Dagt. XX.

Clear & Pleast. I attended public worsp, Revd mr Foster Discoarst from GeneSS 33d & 4th. mr Gille went from here this morn. my Girls went to mr Childs at Eving. Elias Crage & Hannah mc Keckny Cryed. I was Calld in haste at 11h Eving to mr Isaac Clearks Lady in travil. Shee was Safe Delivd of a fine Son & a Daugt before 12; all likely to Do well. I receivd 12/ as a reward. at meeting & at mr Isaac Clearks.
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October 5 - 12, 1788
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