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August 7 - 13, 1787
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7 3


Clear. I was Calld to mrs Howards this morn for to See her Son, find him very low. Went from mrs Howards to See mrs Williams, find her very unwell. Hannah Cool is there. from thence to Joseph Fosters to see her Sick Children, find Saray & Daniel very ill. Came home, went to ye field & got Some Cold water root, then Calld to mr Kinydays to See Polly. very ill with the Canker, gave her Some of ye root & gargled her throat which gave her great Ease; returnd home after Dark. mr Ballard been to Cobesy, his throat is very Soar. he gargled it with my tinctr, finds relief & went to bed Comfortable.  
8 4


Clear. I have been to see Mary Kenida, find her much as Shee was yesterday. was at mr Mc Masters. their Children, two of them, very ill. ye other 2 recovering. at mr William also, Shee is some better. hear James Howard is mending. Hanh Cool Came home.  
9 5


Clear. I workd about hous foren. was Calld to mrs Howards to See James, found him Seemingly Expireing. mrs Pollard there. we Sett up. he revivd.  
10 6


at mrs Hds, her Son very Sick. Capt Sewall & Lady Sett up till half after 4, then I rose. the Child seems revivd.  
11 7


Calld from mrs Hds to mr mc Masters to See yr Son William who is very low. Tarrid thr ys night.  
12 G


Laury. at mr mc Masters, yr Son very sick. I Sett up all night. mrs Patin with me. the Child very ill indeed.  
13 2

death of Wm mc Masters

William mc Masters Expired at 3 O Clock ys morn. mrs Patin & I laid out the Child. poor mother, how distress[d] her Case. near the hour of Labour and three Children more very Sick. I Sett out for home. Calld at mrs Hds, I find her Son very Low. at mr Williamss, Shee very ill indeed. now at home it is nine O Clok morn. I feel as if I must take Some rest. I find mr Ballard is going to Pitts ton on Business. Dolly is begining to weave thee hand kerChiefs. Ephm & I went to see mrs Williams at Evinng, find her Some Better.  
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August 7 - 13, 1787
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