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March 31 - April 13, 1787
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31 7


Clear. mr Ballard been to Doct Coneys. I have been at home. Hannah Cool Sleeps here, Danl Robbins also. Cyrus Bot 1 lb Tea. Lidia & Aaron Foster Brot Cyrus 15 Eggs.  
1 G


Clear & Pleast. I attended Public worship. was at mr Westons at intermision. mr Savage Dind here.  
2 2


Clear. mr Ballard & Sons attended Town meeting. Hannah Cool Came here to work. Nat Taylor Sleeps here. I have been at home, helpt Dolly make a Shirt for Ephm.  
3 3


Clear & Cool. I combd 11 lb of flax. Hannah & Pamela washt, did ye work about house & spun 4 Skeins of Tow. Hanh Cool & Dolly spn 5 Skeins Linng. mr Ballard been to Town meeting.  
4 4


Clear & warm. I Combd 20 lb of flax. Revd mr Foster here. we killd a Swine, wt 160. Danl Robbins Sleeps hr.  
5 5


Clear. I Combd 20 lb of flax. mr Ballard went to mr Herseys to run a Line. our Saw mill went this Day & night.  
6 6


Clear. mrs Foster Came here. I spun Linng. Georg Boltons wife here, had 1 lb of Tow & 1 lb of hoggs Lard. mr Williams & Jono Brot a Barril of Rhum from the hook.  
7 7


Clear & warm. I have been at home. mrs Foster here yet. mr Ballard fixing gardin fence, the girls have spun 21 Skeins of Linning & 28 of Tow ys weak. the ice Broke & the river opend at ye Criks mouth.  
8 G


Clear & warm. I tarried at home. the Booms opend & the Loggs went out of ye Crick. mr Foster Came to help his wife home this morn. the river opend. a thunder Shower Began 11 Evn.  
9 2


Cloudy. Nathanl Bragg here, had some Salv, 1 oz. I have Been unwell.  
10 3


Clear. I have been unwell. Betsy Chever here. Cyrus Brot his Desk from Pattins. anaversery of John Towns Death.  
11 4


Clear. I have been unwell. Dolly & Hann Cool washt. thee girls finisht Ephm a shirt. the red Cow calvd.  
12 5


Snowd. I have been at home kniting. mrs Savage here afternn. mr Ballard been over the river to a meeting to Choose malitia officrs. they made Choice of mr Porter, Capt; John Shaw, Lieut; Asa Williams, Ens. [ ].  
13 6


Cloudy. I have been at home. mr Ballard to mr Bisbes. Dolly Been to mr Voses.  
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March 31 - April 13, 1787
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