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February 22 - March 2, 1787
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The Feb. 28 entry is relevant to the "Martha Ballard and Money" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
22 5


Clear & very Cold. I knitt all Day. Dicky Brot 21-1/4 yds Cloath from Sally Boltons which Shee wove for me.  
23 6


Clear & pleast. I am very unwell, my face painfull. Eat haste puding & water for Breakfast & Bean broth fr Dinner, went to Bed at 8. Rested poorely.  
24 7

X Birth. Elias Taylors Daughter. XX I recieved nothing.

Clear & pleast. I was Calld about Sun rise to Go to See Elias Taylors wife in travil. met a mesage informing Shee was Safely Delivd. returnd home & feel more Comfortable than I have Some Days past. Pamela & Dolly went to See mrs Foster, Shee is unwell. mr Hersey here this Eving.  
25 A


Cloudy & Some Snow. I was Calld to See Joseph Fosters wife & Daughter, find them poorly. returnd & found Ephm Lambd.  
26 2


Cloudy & warm. Revd mr Foster here, Says his Lady is unwell. Deacon Emerson & mr Woodward here also. mr Ballard been to gett mr Savage to asist makeing a Kirb for mr Fosters well. I have been at home.  
27 3


A Snow Storm. mr Ballard & Dicky went Early to git timber for mr Fosters well kirb, & they gott him a load of wood. I have been at home kniting and prepareing Some Pills. the Girls washt. mr [Read] here, his wife is mending.  
28 4


Cloudy, a little Snow. mr Ballard at mr Fosters. I Combd 10 lb of flax. Pamila finisht her skirt & Jackat. Joseph Foster had 1-1/2 oz tinctr, /9d. he carrid 20 pills to mr Childs.  
1 5


Cloudy, Some Snow. mr Ballard & Dicky workt for Revd mr Foster. I combd Cyruses flax. I knitt, the girls Spinning.  
2 6


Clear & pleast. mr Weston & Lady here. mr Ballard & Dicky helping mr Foster. Dolly gone to Colo Howards. Hannah and Pamela to mr Porters. all returnd at ten O Clok.  
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February 22 - March 2, 1787
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