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A Collection of Cases and Observations in Midwifery (Volume Two)
Smellie, William
Published by Printed for D. Wilson & T. Durham, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page viii


viii PREFACE  

tion the names of the patients, their place of abode, or the exact time of their delivery. The other part is almost completed, and though I should not live to see it in print, will certainly appear, to fulfill my scheme and promise the publick.

N.B. Since the following cases were printed, I have seen a French translation of my first volume by M. de Preville, at Paris, who has done great justice to the work; and I with the author may deserve the character which in his preface he gives him, with that politeness to peculiar to his nation. He has likewise obliged the world with a print of the instrument used by Rhoonhuifen, as we use a single blade of the forceps to move along the head in laborious cases, accorded to the directions specified in my first volume, Book III. Chap. III. illustrated in the XXVIIth and XXVIIIthe Collections of the second. This secret, he observes is said to have been communicated towards the end of the last century by the Chamberlains from London, to Ruyfch and Boekelman, at Amsterdam; and Van-de-Paol, phy-

7 sicians
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