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A Collection of Cases and Observations in Midwifery (Volume Two)
Smellie, William
Published by Printed for D. Wilson & T. Durham, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page 447


My reason for withdrawing the fillet, was because I durst not venture to exert to much force as was requisite for delivery, left the part of which I laid hold, should have been galled to the bone; for I knew one instance in which the fillet had been used, and actually scalped the childe, and another in which the child’s under jaw had been cut to the bone by the force of the pulling.

In the course of the same year, being called to a woman, who according to the midwife's report had been three days in labour, I found the child's head at the lower part of the Pelvis, and a large tumor on the Vertex, protruded without the Os Externum. She had been in a slow kind of labour all Saturday and part of Sunday night; by these the head had been pushed down down, but did not advance farther than the situation in which I found it, on Monday night.

The patient was much exhausted by fatigue and the length of the labour, and

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