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Hallowell Town Records (Original)
Town of Hallowell Officials
Location of original: Hallowell City Hall Vault, Hallowell, Maine
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folio 92 (March 6, 1786 meeting)


Warrant for March
Meeting AD 1786
} 92

     The Selectmen of the Town of Hallowell.
     To the Constable of the Southerly district of said Town
     Greeting-- In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are hereby required forthwith to notify and warn all the Freemen, (within your district) inhabitants and belonging to the Town, to meet at the Meeting-house in said Town on Monday the Sixth day of March Next at Nine o'Clock in the forenoon then and there if the Town think proper to act and vote upon the following articles, Mentioned Expressed, and set fourth in this warrant, Viz.

1st. To Choose a Moderator to govern and regulate said meeting.
2d. To Choose all and Every such Town officer or officers as the Law directs and requires to be chosen in Town annualy in the Month of March.
3d To Choose a Deligate or Deligates to meet in Convention to be holden at Falmouth on the first Wednesday of September Next, to Consider of the greivances the inhabitants of the Counties of York, Cumberland, and Lincoln Labour under, and to adopt and pursue some orderly and peaceable measure to obtain relief.
4ly To vote for a register of Deeds, for the Westerly district of the County of Lincoln.
5ly To grant or raise such sum or sums of Money as the Town shall judge necessary for the use and support of the Ministry. Also for the use and support of schools. Also for the use and support of the poor of the Town and defraying the other Necessary Charges of the Town. and Also for the use and purpose of repairing the roads and highways in the Town.
6ly To Choose a Committee for the purpose of hiring Preaching. and Also a Committee to Examin and adjust the accounts of the Town, and Also the accounts and demands of the Late Constables.
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