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Eighteenth-century doctors prepared medicines from local and imported ingredients. In addition, some sold commercial preparations and ingredients to other doctors and to patients. Unlike today, no laws governed the sale of such drugs.


Questions to ask these pages:

1. How could Dr. Page have obtained these items?

2. To whom might Dr. Page have sold his remedies?

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Drugs & Medicines
This advertisement appeared in The Tocsin on January 7, 1797.

Has for sale at his shop in Hallowell, a
fresh and general assortment of
Drugs and Medicines
Which he will dispose of cheap for
Cash or country produce
Among which are the following patent
Anderson's Pills
Bateman's Drops
Melton's British Oil
Balsam of Honey
Cephalic Snuff
Essence of Peppermint
Hoopers Female
Lockyear's Pills
Pungent Smelling Bottles
Turlington's Bal-
sam of Life
Stoughton's Elixer
Godfrey's Cordial
Daffy's Elixer, &c.
Nutmegs, Mace, Cinnamon, & Cloves
June 10

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