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Dr. Page: Probate Records
Probate records show what a person owned at the time of his or her death. You can find these records in local or county depositories, where deeds are also often stored. Benjamin Page's probate record shows us what books were in Dr. Page's library when he died. We do not know whether he read every book he owned, nor which he owned in 1794, when he was called to assist in the Sewall delivery. It is likely, however, that he was familiar with the works on birth instruments by Smellie, anatomy by Hunter and others, opium and laudanum by Buchanan and others, and surgical procedures by several authors.

Interestingly, Dr. Page owned everything in the Page household except his wife's clothes, even though Mrs. Page was still alive.



Questions to ask these pages:

1. How many medical books did Page have in his library?

2. How many works by William Smellie did Page own?

More Questions:

1. What items in Dr. Page's inventory might be considered Mrs. Page's today?

2. What information that isn't in this probate record would be useful to know?

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  Real Estate    
  One lot - Land fronting the Homestead lying between water Struts and second Strut 100.00  
  One lot - Land joining the lot where Simon Page lives 250.00  
  One lot - Land on Winthrop Hill South side Strut - joining B Davenports & S Pillsbury land 117.00  

One third part (undivided) of a 10 acre lot - at the Toyas Spring

15 00  
  Personal Property 529.54  
  Notes and accounts estimated to be good 142.17  
  Hallowell March 1.1044    
  Paul Stickney } Appraisors
  Nathl Stevens
  H. P. Wood
  Kenebec, ss. At a Court of Probate, held at Augusta, within and for the County of Kennebec, on the last Monday of May A.D. 1844
  Abigail Limon Page one of the acturs on the estate
  of Benja Page late of Hallowell
  having returning the foregoing Inventory of the Estate of said du for acceptance, and having made oath, that it is a just and true inventory of the goods and Estate of the said du which has come to his hands or knowledge, and if any other property of said du shall hereafter come to his possession or knowlede he will make a true return thereof into the Probate Court : Whereupon I do accept the same and order it recorded.
  W. Emmons Judge.

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