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Making Sense of
By reading and understanding Martha's words, we can begin to learn what happened at Mrs. Sewall's…

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rainy. mr Williams Dind here. I was Calld to See David Sewalls wife who is unwell.I was there all night. at David Sewalls.
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Birth David Sewalls Son.

Cloudy. at mr Sewalls, they were intimidated & Calld Dr Page who gave my Patient [20] drops of Laudanum which put her into Such a Stupor her pains (which were regular & promising) in a manner Stopt till near night when Shee pukt & they returnd & Shee was Delivd at 7h Evn of a Son, her first Born. I left her Cleverly at 10 & walkt home. I receivd 12/ as a reward. at Ditoes. Birth 39th. mr Perham Sleeps here. Dolly is unwell.


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Martha and a man-midwife | one rape. two stories.