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>the Controversy< Martha and a Man-Midwife Who Was Dr. Ben Page? Summing Up
Sarah Stone, A Complete Practice of Midwifery
Sarah Stone learned midwifery in Bristol from her mother, also a midwife. Sarah's husband was probably an apothecary. She believed that midwives should learn as much as possible about anatomy and other medical knowledge. Working in London, she taught her daughter who carried on in her mother's footsteps. Quote from page XIII


Questions to ask these pages:

1. What does Stone tell us about her patients?

2. How did Stone feel about birth instruments?

Questions to ask the book:

1. Why did Stone object to man-midwives?
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2. According to Stone, what advantages did she have over the man-midwives to whom she objected?
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xiv The PREFACE  

found Instruments requisite a above four times in my life; so I am certain, where twenty Women are delivered with Instruments which is not become a common Practice that nineteen of them might be delivered without, if not the twentieth, as will appear in my Observations. Wherefore it is my intention (with God's assistance) to instruct my sisters of the profession; that it may be in their power to deliver all manner of Births, with more ease and safety, than has hitherto been Practiced by Many of them, and without exposing the lives of their young Women and Children to every boyish pretender. For dissecting the dead, and being just and tender to the living, are vastly different; for it must be supported that there is a tender regard one Woman


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