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Smellie Collection
William Smellie, A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery
William Smellie (1698-1763) came from Scotland and studied obstetrics in London and Paris. He was the best known teacher of man-midwives in London and published three texts on midwifery. He was often derided in anti-man-midwife treatises.

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Questions to ask these pages:

1. What qualifications did Smellie say were required of a good midwife?

2. According to the author, what should be the relationship between a female midwife and an "accoucheur," or man-midwife?

Questions to ask the book:

1. According to Smellie, what were the qualifications of a good accoucheur?
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2. What were the tasks of men and what were the tasks of women in Smellie's ideal birth?
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  Of the MIDWIFE. 449
herself difficulted, candidly have recourse to their assistance: on the other hand, this confidence ought to be encouraged by the man, who, when called, instead of openly condemning her method of practice, (even though it should be erroneous) ought to make allowance for the weakness of the sex, and rectify what is amiss, without exposing her mistakes. This conduct will as effectually conduce to the welfare of the patient, and operate as a silent rebuke upon the conviction of the midwife; who finding herself treated so tenderly, will be more apt to call for necessary assistance on future occasions, and to consider the accoucheur as a man of honour, and a real friend. These gentle methods will prevent that mutual calumny and abuse which too often prevail among the male and female practitioners, and redound to the advantage of both: for, no accoucheur is so perfect, but that he may err sometimes; and on such occasions, he must expect to meet with retaliation from those midwives whom he may have roughly used.
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