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Martha Ballard and Money
I receivd 6/ as reward

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June 24, 1807, Wednesday

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24 4



Clear Part of ye day. I have workt in my Gardin, over hauled wollin raggs, Cut Some for flock & Some for Carpet filling. mr Ballard been to the Settlement. Rachel Smith Paid [in] 1 Dollar in part of what was Due to me for asisting her in Child [Bed]. [at home. Rachel Smith paid 6/.]


July 22, 1807, Wednesday

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22 4



Clear and very warm. I have felt very feeble but have done my hous work and wed gardin &C. mrs Wiman had 5 pecks ashes. Shee came and got Curents and Tansey. Dagt Bald, mrs Pratt & Saunders here. Allin & Barney here, brot me 6_ yds Callico and 2/3d Chang for 2 Dols which my Daught had of me to purchase it with. at home. mrs Parker here for vinegar. I had other Compy.


January 19, 1812, Sunday

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19 1


[X]. Birth mrss Wilms Son, first Born. XX.

Clear part of the day, Snowd some & very Cold. Luke Barton here. Isaac [Farewel], H. Pollard & Sopha Ballard Calld here. I was Calld to See mrs Williams, Shee was Safe Deld of a Son, her first Born at 9h [20]m pm. I tarried all night, Slept a little. Birth 2nd. receivd 1 Dolr at Jobe Springers. receivd 1 Dolr March 20th.


April 4, 1812, Saturday

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4 7


[X Birth Joel Clearks 5th Son XX].

Clear. I was Calld at 1h this morn by mr Cleark to See his wife in Labour. I wrode on hors back with out a pillion, felt very much fatagued. the Patient was Safe Deld at 3h pm of her fifth Son. I tarried all night. at [Joel] Clearks. Birth 12. recd 6/ and 4 lb Snuff, Sugar & [Cash] in full.


April 17, 1812, Friday

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17 6


[Birth Sally Foys Son & 3rd Child].

raind. I was at Foys. Sally was Deld at [1]h this morn of A Son which wd 10 lb. John Foys Dagt and only Child Expired 15th inst. it Slackt raining and I Came home after 7h am very much fatagued. mrs Smith here to Tea. Sally Ballard Sleps here. a [F ]. Birth 13th. recd 12 /.
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