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Martha Ballard and Money
I receivd 6/ as reward

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June 28, 1793, Friday

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28 6



Clear Except a Sprinkling of rain. mr Ballard returnd, Cyrus Sleeps here. Sally went to Son Pollards, Ephm workt for mr Child. I have been at home, lent mr Densmr 6 lb, lacking 2 oz, of Pork. a mr Hinkly Drownd at Pittstn.


March 27, 1795, Friday

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27 6]



Clear and Cool. I was at mr Gordins, his wife was Deld (at 4h 30m morn) of a Dagt. I left her & inft as well as Could be Expected and arivd at home at 11h foren. I receivd [3] lb Cottne @ 2/4 pr lb. I Dind and went to See mrs Black, find her better yn my fears. I Calld to See mrs Smith and mrs Capin and at Son Pollards. at Ditoes. Birth 14th. Calld to Thoms Kenneys at 11h Evng.


April 11, 1795, Saturday

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11 7



Clear and cold. mr Gill Conducted his wife home from our house to houskeeping. I wish them prosperity. they left here between the hours of 12 and 1. mr Waid here, Butchered a Calf for us. he had a quarter wt 18-2/1. EbenZ Moore Junr Sleeps here. Ephm brot Jack Ballard here, he is in Jackoat and Trousers. Sally Cocks is Sick with a Coald. at home. mrs Gill Left here and went to houskeeping. Sally Cocks is unwell.


April 18, 1795, Saturday

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18 7


X. Birth Benn Branches Son. XX.

Clear the most of the Day. mrs Branch was Deld of a Son at 9h 30m morn. I left Cleverly at 11, Calld at Nath Runels and mr Dyers and Esqr Runels. returnd as far as Son Pollards and went to See mrs Capin, find her not So well as Could be wisht. was at mr Gills, they are well. mrs Abbot is unwell. I Calld to See mrs Parker who is very unwell. Dolly was at mr Pollards, Capins, Gills and mr Burtuns. my Girls have Made me 2 Barrils of Soap this weak. at [mr Branches]. Birth 18th. receivd 9/ at DeckmansStore April 27th by Branches order.


June 17, 1795, Wednesday

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17 4



Clear and warm. I went to the hook, paid mr Joseph Dummer 15 Dolrs for a Buro, Table and Bd Stead for Dolly. I Bot of mr Strattne 2 poringers @ 1/9, one 1/6 - 5/ -, 2 Candlesticks 1/4; at Rold Smiths 2 Kenisters 2/8, the whole 9/. I went to See mrs Waid whose Oldest Child or Dagt Expird at 10h this morn. mr Ballard has been Surveying for mr Child and Patridg. Ephm Brot Dollys furniture from mr Dumers. at the hook and at mr Waids. his Dagt Betsy Expird ys morn at 10h .


March 26, 1796, Saturday

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26 7



Clear. Cyrus went to the hook, was informd that mr Daniel Stevens was Dead and that his remains were to be interd this aftern. my Son Ephm here, he went to pittstn for money Due to Cyrus from Rheuben Moore. he brot it to him and he Sent it to his Bror Lambart, 10 Dollars and 2 pisterenes. I have been at home. at home.


April 24, 1800, Thursday

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24 5



Snowd this forenn. Lydia Nud helpt me wash. Hepsy workt Some for her Self. mr Kittridge here and Setled with mr Ballard, gave him a due bill for ye ballance which was Two Dols 17 Cents. at home.


June 3, 1800, Tuesday

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3 3



Clear. Sabery Price Came and helpt me thro with my washing. I workt Some in my Gardin, was Calld at Evng to See mrs Gill, find his Marm and mrs Pitts there. I laid down and Slept a little. Dagt Ballard & mrs Chamberlin here to Tea. I let ye latter have a pair of Leather Shoes for which Shee is to Spinn me 15 Double Skeins yarn. at mr Gills. mr Ballard had ye Collic, Jonas wife Came to take Care of him.


December 31, 1801, Thursday

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31 5



raind part of the day. I have been at home, mended Some hoes. mr Ballards hand is Some better. Pally washt the floors, Eph & Saml workt on Jonas hous, Cyrus went to Son Lambds.

augusta may 6th 1802
Dolly Kimbal Detr to Cash
1 Crown 6/7 1 Dolr 6/ 1/4 do 1/6
may 22 to Cash 4 Dols
to Cash 1/2
June 4 Credt by 9 weaks 5 days
@ 4s/ pr weak.

at home.

s d
14: 1
1: 4: -

1: 18: 1
: 1: 2 1/2

1: 19: 3 1/2



February 13, 1807, Friday

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13 6



Clear part of the day. Deac Page, mr Woodward, mr Bullen & wife here. mr Ballard gone to mill. mr Wdwd brot me Some mitk & Chees. Deacn Page gave me 20 Cents. at home, friends here. mr Ballard to Mill.
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