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April 17 - 24, 1800
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The Apr. 24 entry is relevant to the "Martha Ballard and Money" Theme in Martha Ballard's Diary
17 5


Clear. I left my Patients Cleverly at 8h morn and reacht home at 10h 17m. I was acompanied by Phillip Bullin who went and Conducted Becky Faught to his Brors as Nurs. at mr Bullins and at mr Catons.
18 6


Clear and warm. I helpt remove the dirt back of our house. Doct Cony past by. mr Caton Calld me at 7h 30m Evng to go and See his wife who is unwell. by 10h Evng.
19 7


Clear and very Pleast. I was at Catons, my Patient about house. mr Ballard and Others out Surveying and altering road by Catons. at Catons.
20 1


Clear and very warm. I was at Catons. mrs Chambertin Came there and went home again. the patient Calld her women in the night. at Ditoes.
21 2

X. Birth James Catons 3d Son. XX. recd 9s Apl 11 18001 at mr Crosbys.

Clear morn. mrs Caton was Deld of her 3d Son and 7th Child at 5h ys morn, and I returnd homewd as far as Son Pollards at 9h morn; tarried and dind. Cyrus met me there and informd me that Hepsy Brown was Sick. I reacht home before 3h Pm, find her very ill. Son Jonas wife and Lydia Nud were with her. we used means to promote perspiration. Dagt Ballard Sett up with her. at Ditoes and Son Pollards. Birth 13th. all well at Son Pollards & Lambds.
22 3


raind ys morn, Clear aftern. mr Ballard Calld Doct Cony to See Hepsy, Shee was much Easier before he Came. he gave her a Puke and Some other medisin. at home. D. Cony here to see Hepsy Brown.
23 4


Clear day, raind at night. Doct Cony here, left medisin for Hepsy. I have workt in my Gardin, Sett Curent Bushes &C. at home & Doct here, Hepsy is Better.
24 5


Snowd this forenn. Lydia Nud helpt me wash. Hepsy workt Some for her Self. mr Kittridge here and Setled with mr Ballard, gave him a due bill for ye ballance which was Two Dols 17 Cents. at home.
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April 17 - 24, 1800
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