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August 18 - 23, 1799
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[18] 1


Clear. I felt unwell foren. Hepsy very bad with the Poison. I went to Son Lambds aftern, find her not So well. Shee has a pain in her head. their infant was Carried and Presented in Baptism, his name Calld Thomas. mr Whitwells Son was Calld Wilm. I returnd home at Evn, my Dagt Some Easier. at Son [Lambards], his Babe Baptisd. its name Thomas.
[19] 2


Clear and warm Day but Cool night. I felt unwell, Hepsy very unwell. mr Ballard up in Town on Business with a Committee on the road from the river to winthrop. at home.
20 3

[Birth Isaac Savage 2nd Dagt.]

Clear, Cold morn, but warm Day. I was Calld at 10m past midnight to go and See the wife of Isaac Savage who is in Labour. they reside at Phinias Pains. Shee was Deld of her 2nd Dagt and 3d Child at 3h morn. I left them as well as Could be Expected and Came to Son Lambds at 5h 30m, find my Dagt very ill. tarried with her all day and night. we applyd Feaverfue to her head and poultises to her feet and Shee Seemd Some Easier at night; Slept a little, her Babe is Cleverly. at Isaac Savages. Birth 37th. Came from there to Son Lambds.
[21] 4


Clear. I am with my Dagt. we gave her Senna which had a kind operation and Shee Seems much more Comfortable but very feeble. Son Town and Dagt Ballard Came there. mr Town Came home with me, his famely are well. at Son Lambds. Son Town Came here.
[22] 5


Clear and warm. Son Town went home, mr Ballard and Cyrus to hauling Stone for our Seller. mrs Dingley here, paid me 3/ on Capt Cains acount. I have been at home, do not feel very well. Nabby Livermore here. at home. Son Town left here.
[23] 6


Clear and warm. mr Ballard and Cyrus to hauling Stone. Hepsy washt. I have been So unwell as not to Sett up but little. the wives of Saml & Phillip Norcross Came to visit me. mrss Livermore Calld. mr Ballard informs me Dagt Lambd is better but had a fright by her little Dagt runing away, but they found her Safe. at home, had Compy.
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August 18 - 23, 1799
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