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A Complete Practice of Midwifery
Stone, Sarah
Published by printed for T. Cooper, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page xv


  The PREFACE xv

bears to another, and a natural Sympathy in those that have gone through the Pangs of Childbearing; which doubtless, occasion a compassion for those that labour under those circumstances, which no Man can be a judge of.

I have seen several Women open'd; and this not improper for all of the profession to see Dissections, and read anatomy, as I have done. But had I inspected into them all my life, and not been instructed in Midwifery by my Mother, and deputy to her full six years, it would have signified but little; nor should I have dared to have undertaken such a Profession, left any Life should have been lost through my ignorance; which I am well assured; through the blessing of God, has never hap-

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