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A Complete Practice of Midwifery
Stone, Sarah
Published by printed for T. Cooper, London
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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Page xiii


  The PREFACE xiii

whom I am well assured there are Many sufferers both Mothers and Children; yea, infants have been born alive, with their brains working our of their heads: occasioned, by the too common use of Instruments: which I never found but very little use to be made of, in all my Practice. I have had the opportunity of going through a great number of difficult Labours, living in and near Taunton, a place where there was no Man-Midwife, and a town wholly depending on the Woolen Manufactory, the combing and weaving part, which Many Women are bred to there; and, I believe, has been the occasion of many Wrong Births and Bad Labours, such I was obliged to be near, among the poorer sort of Women. And as I never

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