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Henry Sewall's Diary
Sewall, Henry
1776 - 1842
Location of original: Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts
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January 21 through January 31, 1787


  January, 1787.         Hallowel.
Sunday 21. Met at Esq. Pettingill's.
Monday 22.  
Tuesday 23. Selectmen met at Dr. Cony's to transact some town business.
Wedsday 24. Sued Wm. Fletcher, Jac. Huston, D. Emory. &c.
Thursday 25. Mr. Prudens & his wife called here.
Friday 26. Mr. Emerson from Georgetown called here on his way to Norridgewalk.
Saturday 27. At the complaint of Revd. I Foster, Mr. T. Sewall, and myself were both summoned to appear before Justice North, to answer to said complaint. The day was so far spent by the time the evidences were collected, that it was found necessary to adjourn to monday morning.
Sunday 28. Met at Esq. Pettingill's.
Monday 29. The trial came on. I was charged with reporting that Mr. Foster was a liar and that I could prove it -- which facts I did not pretend to deny. Provided evidence to prove my assertion -- which I thought I did though Mr. North was pleased to think otherwise. His judgement was that I be fined fifteen shillings & pay costs of tria -- from which I appealed. Mr. T. Sewall was fined 12/ & costs. He did not appeal.
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