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Remarks on the Employment of Females as Practitioners in Midwifery. By a Physician.
Channing, Walter
Published by Cummings & Hilliard, Boston
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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occasion, to point out many cases in which labour has all the appearance of being naturaI, and in which circumstances exist, requiring the interference of medical aid; and yet their existence might not even be suspected by a female accoucheur, because they proceed from causes which are not local, but depend upon some of the other functions and operate sympathetically upon the organ in question.
  Suppose the very common occurrence in a labour, otherwise perfectly natural, of pains which do not seem to answer any good end, which tease and exhaust, without advancing the object in view; something is to be done; the case is not to be sure dangerous, but the suffering is great, and ought not to be protracted. Now in this case no little delicacy is requisite to determine the cause and point out the remedy. It may proceed from an irritability of the system at large, or of the bowels, or of the organ itself concerned in parturition; it may require to be treated by bleeding, by injections, or by opiates. Can we expect this discrimination of a female accoucheur?
  Or suppose a case of more difficulty and importance, the occurrence of hemorrhage before or at the commencement of labour. Now it is known to physicians that this may arise from two causes, from the accidental separation of the placenta, or from its being attached to the mouth of the womb instead of some other part of its surface; that in the former case nature is generally sufficient for her own relief; in the latter, that nothing but the interference of art can preserve the patient; and that, by a difficult operation, of which none but a physician can perceive the necessity or

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