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Remarks on the Employment of Females as Practitioners in Midwifery. By a Physician.
Channing, Walter
Published by Cummings & Hilliard, Boston
Location of original: Countway Rare Books, Harvard University
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  THE attention of the public having been lately turned to the subject of the employment of females as accoucheurs, has led to some discussion among the faculty and others with regard to the safety and expediency of introducing them into the practice of midwifery instead of physicians. There is, perhaps, no place of equal size, in which this branch of medical practice has been so entirely confined to male practitioners as in this town. This circumstance having rendered it more difficult to come at the facts on this subject, it has been thought desirable that some statement should be made to enable the public to judge with fairness and impartiality. The circumstances, which would render females agreeable and most desirable as attendants in these cases, are obvious to every one, but the objections to their employment are of a nature not so immediately perceived, except by physicians and those conversant in the practice of midwifery; and since one side of the case, from its very nature, is clearly before the public and can and does have its influence, it seems right that the opposite should be so stated and explained, as to have its fair counteracting operation,

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